Residents for Improving Dart Efficiency and Ridership

Responses - Some, Changing, Misinformation, Non-answers, etc

Responses 8/8/19

--Cotton Belt +$108mm to $1.243bn

1) Double track was included?  Double counting?

2) Dart board member did not know

--Annualize 1st day free ridership, not reasonable.  Texrail ridership collapsed

--Minimize negative impact to community.  DART does not communicate effectively with the community impacted.

8/8/19 Q&A

Responses 8/2/19

City of Dallas Resolution

1) DART Considered

2) DART Non-Compliant

--Interlocal not signed

--MPH keep changing

--Hillcrest & McCallum (non-engineers calc'd 22 feet below would not work, why did the engineers think it could?)

--$2,000 shrub is conservative?

8/2/19 Q&A

Responses 8/2/19 #2


--Not Post Betterment Videos.

--Will not provide Line of Sight, etc.

--Residents want Trees vs Walls?

--MPH - DART changes answers

--DART had 29 emails out of 200+, is this why they restarted 1st round of betterment meetings?

8/2/19 Q&A 2

Responses 7/15/19

---Projects cost +$108 million to $1.24bn?  Dart board member did not know why?

--Revenue $3.5 million vs $44 million operating & interest cost?  How ever pay back the loans?

--I still calculate $33 cost per RIDE!  $44 million / 1.35 million annual rides per FEIS.

7/15/19 Q&A

Responses 7/3/19


--Defers Answers to Final Design

--Defers Resident Input!

---Line of Sight Will Not Answer, WHY?

---Line of Sight - some residents could have no wall but live at the crossings. 60-90 times a day hear the crossing bells!

7/3/19 Q&A

Responses 6.6.19

--MPH 79 MPH per FEIS while Gordon says 35 MPH average.  This make no sense when looking at FEIS charts.

--Safety - DART wants to educate kids at schools although some schools will get 6' chain link fence (not safe). 

--Safety - DART - How about you directly target the people impacted instead of outsource it?

6/6/19 Q&A


Responses 6/21/19

--MPH - Changing calculations.

Ex-the dwell time, trains average ~57 MPH vs DART 43 MPH.

--DART says someone might not choose a Wall.  How fast is a train going?

6.21.19 Q&A

Responses 5/21/19

--Diesel Train - Not good for neighborhood with kids.

--Freight - not allowed in North Dallas, but rest of track.  Scary

--Hillcrest Road - Train now elevated, they changed just like that.

--Knoll station - no parking!

--Executive compensation?

5/21/19 Q&A