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Walk for Safety - Sunday September 22nd at 2:00pm

DART is moving forward without adequate neighbors’ input & jeopardizes safety. Let's change this! 

Councilwoman Mendelsohn will be joining us to support our efforts. 

Meet at the Highlands of McKamy IV & V gazebo at 1:45 pm.

(Meandering Way at Rocky Top Circle. North of McCallum Blvd.)

Walk will begin at 2:00 pm & conclude 3:30 pm

The route we will walk is:
1. South on Preston Ridge Trail over the railroad tracks to McCallum . 

2.  Cross Meandering Way at McCallum and walk on the sidewalk to the Police Station.
3.  Turn around and retrace the route back to the Preston Ridge Trail near the gazebo.  


Walk Sept 22 2:00pm

Letter of Action - Dallas Mayor and Dallas City Council - Cotton Belt

Enforce DART to become compliant with entire City of Dallas Cotton Belt Resolution,

OR make DART reroute the Cotton Belt away from Far North Dallas,

OR make DART tunnel the train in Far North Dallas.

Far North Dallas - Between Preston Rd & Waterview Pkwy

Letter of Action

Info - Cotton Belt

Far North Dallas Impacts & Map

City of Dallas Cotton Belt Resolution (pdf)

DART Non-Compliance Items

Info - Cotton Belt

Cottonbelt Q&A Main

Questions & Answers From May!

-DART - Non-Compliant City of Dallas Resolution

-Change Answers, No Answer, Etc

Cottonbelt Q&A Main

DART - What is it?

Ineffective Transportation,

Saddling Current & Future Residents with DEBT,

 Higher Costs,  Declining Service, etc.

Since 2008

 Total Ridership down 8%, Bus Ridership down 30%.

Costs +50% or $230 million

Debt +$1.4 Billion to $3.6 Billion

DART - What is it?


1) Dart Using $908 million Federal Loan plus Resident Sales Tax $ to Pay for?

a) $17,000 for a tree   b) $2,000 for a shrub or  c) $161 per sq foot for a paver

2) DART - Never been demonstrated that DART project caused property value to decline?

What happens when you put a 40 foot wall behind a house?


OUR 4-step process


Step 1: Stop Building, Reroute Away or Tunnel the Train in Far North Dallas

-  Take UBER – Less expensive per ride & over 2-3x quicker

-  Technology – Change is good, ex:  autonomous cars.  Bad idea, 30 year old rail idea.

-  DART will subsidize over $17,000 per year for a worker to take it during work-week

-  The cost to build Cotton Belt $1.1 billion is as expensive as Cowboys Texas Stadium

-  More people will visit Cowboys 8 Home Games than Ride Cotton Belt entire year

-  Lower MPG rating per rider than Cadillac Escalade on Highway with 1 Person

-  Residents will Subsidize “Freight” since the rail will not have enough Riders

Step 2: Create comprehensive plan to increase Ridership, Lower Subsidy Per Passenger and Improve Safety

-  Repair DART – Since 2008, Ridership is down 8% while costs +50% or $230 million.

-  Bus ridership is down 30%

-  Debt at DART is up $1.4 billion to $3.6 billion.

Step 3: Change Management compensation

Focus on Ridership, Reduce Subsidy per Ride, Safety.  Keep it simple and install new management if cannot adhere to this policy 

Step 4: Forecasts should be reasonable

 DART posted huge misses on 2018 budget ridership but prides themselves on 20 year forecast.

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