Residents for Improving Dart Efficiency and Ridership

Contact info: Mayor of dallas, City council. dart board m

City of Dallas Residents - It is your $300 million that you are paying to DART each year and we want an increasing Return for Our Money.

1. Mayor, Eric Johnson – Call or Email Eric to hold him accountable and take action for Transportation in city of Dallas

Mayor: Eric Johnson  214-670-3301 

2.  City Council Members – Call or Email them to hold them Accountable to Improve Ridership and Lower Costs. City Council Members vote for the DART Board

a. City Council Members can vote to change the DART Board

b. City Council Members can provide info to change DART Board Views

District 1: Chad West 214-670-0776

District 2: Adam Medrano 214-670-4048

District 3: Casey Thomas, II 214-670-0777

District 4: Carolyn King Arnold 214-670-0781

District 5: Jaime Resendez 214-670-4052

District 6: Omar Narvaez 214-670-4199

District 7: Adam Bazaldua 214-670-4689

District 8: Tennell Atkins 214-670-4066

District 9: Paula Blackmon 214-670-4069

District 10: Adam McGough 214-670-4068

District 11: Lee Kleinman 214-670-7817

District 12: Cara Mendelsohn 214-670-4067

District 13: Jennifer S. Gates 214-670-3816

District 14: David Blewett 214-670-5415 

Vote to create a transportation plan to increase ridership, lower subsidy per passenger and improve safety

3. Dart Board of Directors - Call or Email them to hold them Accountable to Improve Ridership and Lower Costs. DART Board votes on large projects like the Cotton Belt

a. Dart Board of Directors can STOP the Cotton Belt

b. Dart Board of Directors can Initiate a Plan to increase Ridership, Lower Subsidy per Passenger and Improve Safety

c. Dart Board of Directors can change DART CEO if he does not act in best interest of Residents

Dallas - Chair: Sue Bauman

Dallas: Ray Jackson

Dallas: Patrick Kennedy

Dallas: Jon-Bertrell Killen

Dallas: Michele Wong Krause

Dallas: Amanda Moreno

Dallas: Dominique P. Torres

Dallas, Cockrell Hill: Eliseo Ruiz

Garland: Jonathan R. Kelly

Irving: Rick Stopfer

Plano: Paul N. Wagemanpn

Multiple: Gary Slagel gaslagel@dart.orgCarrollton

Irving: Doug Hrbacek

Multiple: Lissa Smith

Multiple: Marck C. Enoch